Standard Bank Graduate Learnership Programme

By | November 28, 2016

Standard Bank Graduate Learnership Programme

For excellent freshly graduated South Africa citizen who want to apply and experience their knowledge toward what they’ve learned, this is the good opportunity to determine to follow, more you will also get precious practical knowledge you don’t ever get from your formal education. It is standard bank graduate learnership programme which is established for next year. Being involved to this graduate learnership programme means you will get bunch of benefits. However, before talking the benefit of this programme, you need to have certain qualification to be a successful applicant.

You as the applicant of standard bank graduate learnership programme should be; able to master English, able to operate computer (but not the basic thing), a man or woman who is around eighteen to thirty. Then, you need to remember that to grasp the opportunity of graduate learnership programme, be sure that you are not following any learnership programme, not fully (and permanently) employed, not taking any education from any institution. However, the thing you should fulfill is not stopping there; you need to follow some checks and assessment processes online. They are also conducting background check.

Then, it is about the benefits you possibly get when you become the learners of this graduate programme. You will not only become the learner, but you also become the part of the team since, they will ask you to sign something like work contract. More than that, Standard bank graduate learnership programme also provides you with monthly allowance approximately R3 500. The graduate learnership programme from standard bank allows you to choose particular division (such as credit management learnership, Java learnership and so on) you think you suit to, but of course there additional requirement features you should follow. For the closing date, it is expanded ‘till January the ninth 2015.

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