Stellenbosch University Bursaries: Postgraduate Merit Bursaries

By | November 20, 2016

Stellenbosch University Bursaries: Postgraduate Merit Bursaries

Stellenbosch University bursaries is not only provided for first-year students but also postgraduate students. The main purpose is to help South African and even international students, especially those who are less-fortunate, to learn higher education by providing financial supports. Be one of the benefiting students!

Stellenbosch University bursaries

About Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University, the leading university in public reasearch and succeeded in designing and manufactured SUNSAT launched in 1999, is located in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Being one of twenty universities in South Africa, Stellenbosch University is a world class institute and has been internationally ranked for several times. The university 10 faculties which consists of 150 departments spread on 5 campuses and owns over 40 research instutions.

Available Fields of Study

Stellenbosch University bursaries are open for all fields of study, candidates can apply for the desired majors available in the university

Qualifications For Bursaries

Several requirements for every interested candidates must adhere are:

  • Applicants are South African citizens with valid ID
  • Applicants obtained a degree from South African university will be given preference
  • Applicants are registered as students at Stellenbosch University postgraduate programme
  • International students may apply and must have obtained an average of 75%
  • Applicants must not have possessed a same level or higher degree previously
  • Applicants are willing to be full-time students, which means not working for remuneration less than 15 hours per week over ten months period in the academic year
  • Applicants must have acquired an average of 75% minimum in the preceeding qualifications of degree
  • The previous qualifications of degree must be at lower National Qualifications Framework level than the applied degree
  • The standard mark of 75% can be higher, depends on the amount of the applications and the available bursaries

Stellenbosch University bursaries for postgraduate will be awarded based on academic achievements and prioritizes deserving students with financial needs. Amounts given for postgraduate degrees of Honours, Masters programmes and Doctorate with marks of 75% range from R17,000 up to R20,000 per annum, depends on the comittee’s consideration. The bursaries does not cover registrationa and tuitions fees. Successful bursars must be take notice about after graduate working contract. Bursars are suggested to make back-up plan in terms of funding.

Applying For Bursaries

Stellenbosch University bursaries closing date is on the first Friday in December of each year. Applying for Stellenbosch University bursaries can be made online at