Taking A Look at PGCE Bursaries

By | November 20, 2016

Taking A Look at PGCE Bursaries

PGCE Bursaries

PGCE bursaries might be one of the best solutions that you can rely upon when you want to pursue your higher education yet you do not have any money. As long as you have the will to reach your goal, there will always be a way to help you out of the problem. PGCE itself stands for Post Graduate Certificate in Education. This bu8rsaries is among one of the most wanted bursaries for any South African students who wish to be a professional teacher. So, are you interested at all? Here is some information about the bursaries that you might want to know. Take a look.

Knowing More About PGCE Bursaries

pgce bursaries

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Before talking further about the PGCE bursaries, you need to know about this bursaries more than anybody else. For your information, this bursaries is actually a one-year training program that is aimed to train graduates who would like to be a professional school teacher. Considering its significance for the future education path, this bursaries is the only bursaries which give professional registration approved by the South African Council for Educators or what is so-called SACE. By completing this programme, you do not need to be a bachelor of education to be a teacher. There are also some kinds of the PGCE bursaries that you need to know. Some of them include PGCE foundation phase, PGCE intermediate phase, PGCE senior phase and further education, and PGCE further education. Each kind of the PGCE bursaries has its function and aimed grade to teach.

The Requirements that You Need to Apply for PGCE Bursaries

In fact, that is not the only information that you need to know about the bursaries. You also need to know the requirements that you need in case you are ready to apply for this bursaries in the future. There are some requirements that you need to fulfill before you can apply for his bursaries, such as:
You have to be at grade 12 education level
You have to provide proof of the need for financial aid
You have to be proficient in English
You have to be committed to teaching and making a difference
You have to be a South African citizen
You have to have a valid South African ID
So, do you fulfil all of these requirements? If you do, then you should apply for this bursaries. If you are interested, then you can find more information about the PGCE bursaries from some organizations as well as universities like UNISA.