Telkom Learnerships

By | November 28, 2016

Telkom Learnerships

Telkom is one of the giant companies in Africa that leads the communication solution to huge range of the customers. It is not only for South Africa but on the African continent. No wonder if there are many South African people are dreaming for getting the position and career in this company. They provide business, payphone and residential communications of the product and services. And as the commitment to run the National Skills Development Strategy by the government, Telkom Learnerships are opened and offered to the unemployed youth.

Telkom Learnerships are offered annually. You can see the previous Telkom learnerships that has get new employees from the other communities to get the same opportunities to work in this giant company. The program of the learnership consists of theoretical and also practical training. This learnership program also give more benefits to the trainee, employees, industry and the country as well. And especially for the trainee, they will get more than just they expect.

Telkom Learnerships Website

In the Telkom learnerships, the applicants or the trainee will be taught to learn the skills, gain more knowledge, adapt in the workplace environment, being qualified trainee and employee, shape the attitude and more. Even during the Telkom Learnerships they will be advised from the expert about leadership, dedication, passion and high desire in the workplace to give a positive impact to other employees and also to the company as well. This can be the objective to join the program.

Before you take the Telkom learnerships application forms, it is better to know more about the company and sure to get surpassing the minimum requirement below. Yup, Telkom Learnerships need a qualified trainee so you should have the requirements. First, you should have the qualification of N6 Electrical Engineering (Light Current) or at least you have completed the academic training. Academic training is the awaiting training to get the full qualification. Second, you have BSc Electrical Engineering (Light Current) or also completed the academic training.

Third, you have S4 Electrical Engineering (Light Current) or complete the academic training. Fourth, you have BTech Electrical Engineering (Light Current) or at least complete the academic training. And for the other requirements that you should suppress the applications of Telkom Learnerships is, you are citizen of South African, able to work in confined space, not color-blind. These requirements should be passed for the next step of filling the applications to send to the company to get selected.

The form of Telkom Learnerships can be downloaded online through the official website of Telkom. Fill the application completely and abjectly. To get the form, you must visit the website and click on the tab ‘More Jobs’. You will see the link “Internship/Learnership”. Click on the link “Learnership” then it will automatically download the form. Read about the important note in filling the form especially for the closed date of the application. If you send or forward it after the closed date or it is unsigned, it will not be accepted. So ensure you do the right.

Description: Telkom Learnerships are offered annually to the youth South African who want to have the better future and dreamed position in Telkom as one of the largest communication service.