Tiger Brands Bursary; The Hope of Your Dreams

By | November 20, 2016

Tiger Brands Bursary; The Hope of Your Dreams

The leading consumer packaged goods company now welcomes you to enter the next step in reaching your dreams by offering Tiger Brands bursaries. Tiger Brands understands that education and skills are the precious investment to shape the greater leaders in future. The contribution to the community and environment drives Tiger Brand to be the best brands and help you to achieve your goals!

About Tiger Brands   

                    Tiger Brands Bursary               

Tiger Brands was started as a family business in 1896 and now it has become one of the well-known brands for packaged goods across the country. The products made by Tiger Brands range from snack and treats, home care, baby care, grains, perishable, groceries, personal care,out of home products, Eat Well Live Well and exports. The values held by Tiger Brands are satisfying the consumer, giving service on time and investments in the highest quality and safety standards for employees.

The Field of Study Available

The fields of study available for Tiger Brands bursary are Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial or Chemical Engineering.

The Criterion of Application

The Tiger Brands bursary is available for public and also for the employee’s trusteeship. Bursary provide the tuition fees, while accommodation and books are applicants’ responsibility. The continuation of the bursary will be supervised by the company based on the bursar’s academic’s performances. The following is the requirements to apply for Tiger Brands bursary:

–              Applicant must be South African permanent citizen, regardless colors and race and hold valid ID book

–              Willing to attend university based on the company’s related field

–              Grade 12 students or post-Matric students are allowed to apply

–              No bursary granted for post-graduate

–              All applicants must at least obtain all “C” (grade) to get the funding

–              The selected candidates will have to sign work contract with Tiger Brands for certain time based on their bursary time upon completing the study

–              International candidates are allowed for international placement

–              Preference will be given to candidates based on Employment Equity programme

Applying for The Bursary

The bursary presented by Tiger Brands will be closed on 30 September. The candidates can apply through the application form available in the company’s website: www.tigerbrands.erecruit.co.za/candidateapp/Jobs

The selected candidates will be informed as soon as possible by the committee. If you do not hear anything by the end of September, please be advised that your application was unsuccessful. Best of luck!