Transnet Learnerships

By | November 28, 2016

Transnet Learnerships

Learnership is a structured learning methodology to gain knowledge and useful skills in the working environment that produced a qualification listed on the NQF. The participants of transnet learnerships need to attend classes in a training center or college to learning in the classroom, but they also have to finish on-the-job training in a working environment. The experience of working environment must be relevant to the qualification. Both new entrants (unemployed) and employed people can participate.

Many government institution or companies are offering learnerships for the year of 2014. This is a big chance for South African to improve their work skills and experiences by applying one of learnership program and becomes a part of the government institution or company. Transnet learnerships normally take 12 months to complete and there is an additional process in the Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) for the certification. Recognition of Prior Learning could be finished before 12 months. Then, on the successful completion of the learnership programme, you will get a qualification widely perceived by nation. You will gain experience in workplace that will improve your chances of obtaining work. Work experience took in the middle of the learnership can help you set up your small business. You also joins with the employment network, expanding your opportunities to find work. You can even be redeployed or earn a promotion into a more satisfying position. Or, you can advance to a higher level learnerhship for personal improvement.

Some atransnet learnerships do not require any entry requirements while others require authentication of grade 12. You don’t have to pay anything to participate in a learnership. For unemployed persons, they will receive training provision and stipends. For employed applicants, they will receive the training provision. You have to give sign a learning agreement and the contract of employment, therefore two authorized files. The learning agreement is signed by the learner, the employer and the training provider. The employment contract is signed between the employer and yourself and is only valid in the midst of the learnership period.

Transnet learnerships involve the learners to work for the company in order to gain work environment experience, however, the work must be applicable to the particular qualification. They should be available for and take an interest in all learning and work experience required for learnership, conform to systems policies and work environment. Attend all periods of study and theoretical learning sessions with the training provider and embrace everything that fits in a reliable manner. Finish any time table or any written evaluation supplied by the company to record the ambient experience of work regulations.

Learnerships give you the opportunity to work while studying to earn a nationally recognized qualification. Applications for the most current Learnerships are now available with some of the major companies. To participate in learnership, interested candidates can send their CV and at the time that the allocations be granted they will interviewed and enlisted as learners. A list of transnet learnerships are available on the following link.

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