UFS Online Application For Admission 2022

By | October 14, 2021

How do I apply for UFS 2022 online?

ONLINE application: Visit https://apply.ufs.ac.za. Keep your mobile phone and an active email address ready, as you require both to access and complete the online application form.

Proceed through all the steps and submit your electronic application. Make sure that you complete the application form thoroughly, e.g. if you need on-campus residence accommodation or financial aid, indicate this in the relevant section.

Upload copies of the following in PDF or JPEG format when you apply for undergraduate studies:

  • Your ID if you are a South African citizen
  • Your passport if you are an international student
  • Your parent’s ID or passport if you are younger than 18
  • National Senior Certificate if you already matriculated
  • Your final Grade 11 results with the school’s stamp
  • Grade 12 June results with the school’s stamp as soon as it becomes available. It can also be emailed to studentadmin@ufs.ac.za, especially if you have applied for a selection programme
  • Your academic record, only if you are a current student at another institution of higher learning
  • USAf accreditation from the examination board for South African universities. Apply to mb.usaf.ac.za for conditional exemption, foreign conditional exemption, or mature age conditional exemption.

The online application is quick and easy – no hassle, no fuss! It has an easy and modern design and is mobile- and tablet-friendly. You can apply using any device. You can expect a quicker response time if you apply online.

What you need to apply to UFS

  • You have an NSC or NCV with an endorsement that allows entrance to degree studies (bachelor’s degree) or an equivalent qualification.
  • You meet all the minimum admission requirements for the programme you intend to study.
  • Meeting the minimum admission requirements for your chosen/intended programme of study, does not guarantee admission, as limited spaces are available in each programme.
  • You have a minimum level of 4 (50%) in the chosen UFS language of instruction: English or Afrikaans (only applicable to certain programmes).
  • You must pass certain school subjects with a minimum level of achievement in order to take a certain university module. For example, you must get a mark of at least 70% for Mathematics in Grade 12 if you plan to study BSc majoring in Physics with Engineering subjects. Please refer to the 2021 UFS Prospectus for the minimum admission requirements, which include the respective compulsory subjects and the required achievement levels per programme.

Steps In Applying

Applications to study a non-selection programme in 2021, close on 30 September 2021.
Limited space is available; apply now to avoid disappointment.

Application fee: You do not have to pay an application fee.

To become a student at the University of the Free State, you have to:

  1. APPLY for two study options, be finally
  2. ADMITTED with your Grade 12 NSC results, and

1. Apply to study in 2021
2. Obtain admission to the programme you qualify for
3. Pay the prescribed first payment five working days prior to registration
4. Register for studies in the programme you were admitted to

Documents Needed To Apply To UFS

  • The completed and signed application form. 
  • Certified copies of relevant academic results/transcripts/information in English. 
  • Two passport photos of yourself. 
  • Proof of deposit of the non-refundable application fee (refer to the application form for the amount). 
  • Certified copy of passport. 
  • SAQA/USAf verification document. 

Bear in mind that surface or airmail from your country may take longer than two to three weeks to reach South Africa. It is your responsibility to ensure that your application reaches the university before the closing date. Yourapplicationwillbedelayedfurtherifyoudonotcompletetheapplication form as requested or if you do not send proof of payment of the non-refundable application fee and if photographs or academic results are not attached. 

Language Proficiency

Tuition at the UFS is offered in English. The university therefore requires that students are proficient in English before they register. An applicant, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level, must have demonstrated a certain level of proficiency in English or Afrikaans by taking the IELTS test (see below). This test is offered by the British Council; either the application or the full report must accompany the application for admission. No student will be admitted without proof thereof.

Minimum requirements

Undergraduate students must obtain four (or more) out of ten on each of the IELTS subjects. Students with a score of four or less out of ten on any of the IELTS subtests will be required to conduct a language proficiency test at our counselling offices. Based on this evaluation, it may be recommended that the prospective student completes a six-month English course in the Department of English before starting with studies. Once successfully completed, students can proceed with the intended course of study, or proceed with both English and the intended course of study. Students registering in terms of any exchange agreement are exempted from these requirements, provided that the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) stipulates their proficiency in English.


Students have to report for first-semester registration in January and at the beginning of July for the second semester. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS MAY NOT REGISTER PROVISIONALLY. Timetables and information on class venues can be obtained from the website: 
www.ufs.ac.za. Click on the Students tab. 

Checklist for registration 

  • Students must be in possession of a valid study visa issued for the UFS. A study visa issued for a different university is not acceptable. No international student will be allowed to register without a valid study visa issued for the UFS. 
  • To cancel the block on your student account, please bring the following documents with you on the day that you will be registering
    • Passport 
    • Study visa 
    • Confirmation letter for the FULL year from the medical aid registered in South Africa (no travel insurance, hospital plans or policies will be accepted)
    • Proof of payment of registration deposit (for more information on finances, please consult www.ufs.ac.za, then click on fees calendar for more detailed information.
    • Original documentation as submitted with your application
    • SAQA/USAf verification document (SAQA – POSTGRADUATE, USAf – UNDERGRADUATE)

Does UFS have an application fee?

Application fee: You do not have to pay an application fee. To become a student at the University of the Free State.

Does UFS accept late applications?

Only a limited number of candidates are admitted to the first year of study. No late applications will be considered.

How do I check my UFS application status?

To check University of the Free State (UFSapplication status got to:

https://pssa.ufs.ac.za/psp/csprd/?cmd=login. Enter User ID and Password then click Sign In button.

How long does it take to receive feedback after applying?

You should receive feedback on your application within six weeks.

Is Ufh open for 2022 applications?

Applications to study at the University of Fort Hare in 2022 are now open. Applications to study a non-selection programme in 2022, close on 30 September 2021.

Does UFS offer medicine?

Yes, The current School of Medicine has been restructured and will henceforth be known as the School of Clinical Medicine. The Schools of Pathology and Biomedical Sciences have been added to the faculty.

The minimum period in which to obtain the MBChB qualification is five years fulltime study.

How do I apply for residence at UFS?

For more information, please consult the UFS website and navigate as follows:

  1. In your browser, enter www.ufs.ac.za.
  2. Click on the Students tab.
  3. Click on Residences.
  4. Select Female or Male residences.
  5. Complete the applicable form and submit.