Unilever Graduate Internship Program

By | November 28, 2016

Unilever Graduate Internship Program

In order to support talented youth of South African to spread their wing by accelerating their skill, Unilever graduate internship is designed to embrace more qualified applicants from different field of studies. There are six graduate internship programs which are given. First, it’s supply chain graduate internship, which requirements are; (1) bachelor degree of science majoring in commerce, and engineering excluding metallurgy and civil, (2) applicants who hold BSC/BBS/BCom/BEng will be preferred, and (3) students whether South African citizen or foreign nationals registered at SA University, you deal with the same recruitment process for the bursary.

Unilever Internship

Second, research & development Unilever graduate internship program for applicants with, (a) Matric qualification together with maths (no maths lit) and English, (b) bachelor degree specialized in engineering, applied science/natural, and (c) the priority will be given to mechanical and chemical engineering, BEng, and BSc majoring in chemistry, microbiology or its relevant subject. Third, HR graduate internship that is designed for applicants with matric qualification with maths (no maths lit) and English. In addition priority is given to those who hold BSocSc/BPsych/BBS/BCom.

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Fourth, finance graduate internship for qualified applicants that hold Account 2 for BComm (undergraduate degree), complete CIMA that is designed by Unilever, and matric qualification with English, maths (and no maths lit). Fifth, customer develop graduate internship for applicants that pursue commercial degree, however, preference will be given to BSocSci/BBS/BCom, and matric together with English and maths (excluding maths lit). Sixth, marketing graduate internship program for graduates with; (1) bachelors degree majoring in various fields, but the chance is wider for BBS and BCom, and (2) matric qualification with English and Maths. Interested applicants for Unilever graduate internship program can submit the application online. However, the application is not specified by the official. Lastly, graduate internship program from Unilever is situated in Durban, thus ensure you meet no hassle to reach the location attending the graduate internship.