Unitrans Driving Learnership Programme

By | November 28, 2016

Unitrans Driving Learnership Programme

This driving learnership programme is for South Africa citizen only who are reside on Gauteng, KZ, and Cape Town. Hence, for those who want to grasp the opportunity of this driving learnership programme, similar with any other learnership programme, there are some requirements you need to accomplish. To achieve your chance for Unitrans driving learnership programme then, you need to have both the combination of education and experience together with knowledge and skill. When it comes to education and experience than you should have; minimum 10 grade school leaving certificate, driver’s license (code 14), no criminal background, and perfect health (taken from medical record).

The others things to consider are; (1) something like PRDP (the valid one), (2) know how to drive ultra-heavy vehicle well, (3), you must an unemployed worker who already gained advantage from UIF or at least six months. The next thing is about typical knowledge and skill you should cover to grasp the opportunity to join Unitrans driving learneship programme. For that category, you need to be able to; (a) endure to work during holiday or weekday, (b) know how to use English properly, (3) know how to deal with numbers (numerically oriented).

If you already have those requirements, then it is the time for you to apply to this driving learnership programme since the chance to apply this programme only till December 9th 2014. Perhaps, you might wonder toward the things you should handle when you are joining leranership programme like Unitrans driving learnership programme, then here there are some of them; it is vehicle preparation anytime you do the trip, capable to deal with documentations, willingly to do subsidiary task and so on. And, that’s all the things you need to determine if you think that this driving learnership programme is something that suit you perfectly.

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Picture Source: www.unitrans.co.za