UTI Supply Chain Learnership Opportunity

By | November 28, 2016

UTI Supply Chain Learnership Opportunity

If you are interested or want to learn about supply chain solution from acknowledgeable distribution or warehouse, then it is the time for you to take action. Since, UTI opens learneship opportunity for those who are eager to learn toward the subject above. But, to succeed your way to join UTI supply chain learneship opportunity, the applicants should have some qualifications such as; good enthusiasm, good computer skill, good in math and English, adaptable to live in any environment, good technology user, capable to deal with assignment and work in the same time, and independent learner. To follow this learnership opportunity by UTI, the applicants should already complete their grade 12 or Matric, or, the applicants just recently completed that level education.

Unlike any other learnership opportunity, UTI chain learnership opportunity more focus on the practical point on supply chain solution. That’s why you must be a quick learner when you want to take part for this opportunity. Another thing you need to consider is prepared for twelve years duration of this programme. Your commitment is important herein. Then, as the learners who want to grasp the opportunity to join this programme, you may at last have some knowledge toward the services or products that are offered by certain company and thing like logistic understanding.

What do you think? Do you have all those qualification above? In fact, there are (still) some things you need to cover when you want to be a part of this learnership opportunity. They are; you must have a good sense of discipline, capable to work both independently and dependently. Then, to successfully apply UTI supply chain learnership, you need to be familiar with accuracy and organization. For those successful applicants they will receive monthly allowance about R3200. So, if you are South Africa citizen and you have all of things that are needed here, feel free to apply this opportunity, since, it will be closed after December 8th 2014. Addition, if you want to know whether you are acceptable or not, always check your email and always put your cellphone in its “on” mode.

Apply UTI Supply Chain Learnerships in NewCastle, KZN
Apply UTI Supply Chain Learnerships in Pietermaritzburg
Apply UTI Supply Chain Learnerships in George

After applying please ensure you receive a confirmation of your application and check your emails regularly and make sure your cellphone is active at all times.

Successful candidates will be contacted via Email and SMS. Pre-employment Assessments & Interviews will be conducted from January 2015 onwards.


Picture Source: www.go2uti.co.za