WWW ESKOM CO ZA Learnership Available

By | November 28, 2016

WWW ESKOM CO ZA Learnership Available

Eskom is one of the giant companies in South Africa in delivering energy to millions customers. As the giant company Eskom also follow the rule of the government to give the chance or opportunity to other communities to get worked in Eskom. It is www eskom co za learnership. Eskom has various learnership programs to others annually as the big opportunity to get. It can be also with the program of Eskom learnership available and internship available where both of them are as part of the government policy for National Skills Development Strategy to create skills.

And these www eskom co za learnership are also as part of the strategy if Eskom HRD (human resource development) to enhance the training quality, development and education to the youth of South African. And every single of them has the same chance to join www eskom co za learnership or if it is late then for the next year. And this program has changed many unemployed youth to have career and work with the dreamed position. So, you are better to update the information about this learnership program.

WWW ESKOM CO ZA Learnership Aailable have many benefits especially for them who unemployed and want to get dream position in Eskom. And who don’t want to get it? Many people are struggling for their dreamed position and may be including you. These learnerships by various programs like Control and Instrumentation, Electrical, Welding, Mechanical, Heat Pumps, Fitting & Turning, and Administrative training give the unemployed youth opportunities in great number. It is by 2,350 people.

And the www eskom co za learnership have theoretical and practical training program from the various jobs. And it gives you more about learning the skills and gain more knowledge, behavior and attitude and more. In the program you will be trained from zero to understand all about the program of learnership you take. Even, you will learn about passion, dedications, high desire, leadership and more from the expert. This is the worth experience the young people should have for the better future.

If you are looking for the www eskom co za learnership, you need to read the requirements to be accepted. And for the minimum requirements of these www eskom co za learnership for all programs are as follow. First, you should be as a citizen of South African. Then you must possess Standard 10 or Grade 12 Certificate that consists of English, mathematics and Science where each of them in symbol E or level 3 and above. You can get more detailed information in the official website of Eskom.

Visit the website now.

And to get the www eskom co za learnership, the applicant will be tested with several tests. They are integrity assessments or background checks, interview, curiosity test, Lego, nuts and bolts, medical assessments and for the optional assessment is psychometric assessments. And it is for only the applicant who meets all the requirements above who will be accepted and if you have sent the application and within 30 days there is no replay, then it means that the application you send is not in good luck. You may try next year.

Description: Eskom Learnerships are given to the unemployed youth to get the opportunities to have better life by joining with Eskom. There are 2,350 people of various learnerships.

Picture Source: www.eskom.co.za